Bello (beautiful)

Reminder: most adjectives agree with the noun they refer to in terms of both gender and number (singular or plural). They also generally come after the noun they refer to.

Un bambino carino → Due bambini carini

A sweet babyTwo sweet babies

Una ragazza bella → Due ragazze belle

A beautiful girl → Two beautiful girls

The adjective bello (beautiful; great, lovely) can come before or after the verb:

  • When it comes after the noun it is formed just like any other adjective.

Un vestito bello → Due vestiti belli

A beautiful dress → Two beautiful dresses

Una farfalla bella → Due farfalle belle

A beautiful butterfly → Two beautiful butterflies

  • When it comes before the noun it acts like the adjective quello, meaning that it changes form before a vowel and before most masculine words. These are the various forms it can take:
Bella + consonante
Bell' + vocale
Bel + consonante
Bell' + vocale
Bello + s + consonante, x, y, z, gn, ps, pn
Bei + consonante
Begli + vocale, h, s + consonante, x, y, z, gn, ps, pn

Che bel viaggio abbiamo fatto! → Abbiamo fatto un viaggio bello.

What a great trip we had! → We had a great trip.

Begli amici che hai! → Hai degli amici belli.

What beautiful friends you have! → You have beautiful friends.

Bell’idea quella di Anna! → Anna ha avuto un'idea bella.

What a great idea Anna had!→ Anna had a great idea.


  • The masculine plural form belli is only used when the adjective comes after the noun.

I tramonti sul mare sono belli.

The sunsets over the sea are beautiful.

Hai gli occhi più belli che io abbia mai visto → Che begli occhi che hai!

You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen → What beautiful eyes you have!

  • The meaning of bello can change depending on whether it comes before or after the noun.

Un artista bello (di estetica gradevole)

A beautiful (good-looking) artist

Un bell’artista (di valore)

A great artist (one whose work has value)

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