Ci vs ne

Reminder: ci and ne refer to something that has already been mentioned: a thing, a person, an action or a place. Both are used to avoid repetition.

– Vai alla manifestazione oggi? – Ci sono appena stata.

–Are you going to the demonstration today? –I have just been there.

– Puoi prendere del pane? – Sì, quanto ne vuoi?

–Can you fetch some bread? –Yes, how much (of it) do you want?

Ci replaces a noun preceded by a (to, about) or in (to, in) when talking about a topic or a place.

Ciro pensa spesso al suo lavoro. → (Lui) ci pensa spesso. (argomento)

Ciro often thinks about his work. → He often thinks about it. (topic)

Toni va spesso in questa pasticceria. → (Lui) ci va spesso. (luogo)

Toni often goes to this pastry shop. → He often goes there. (place)

Ne replaces a noun preceded by di (of, about) when talking about a topic. It can also replace a quantity.

Cecilia mi parla spesso dei suoi progetti. Me ne parla molto spesso. (argomento)

Cecilia often talks to me about her plans. → She very often talks to me about them. (topic)

Davide ha dieci gatti. Ne ha dieci. (quantità)

Davide has ten cats. → He has ten of them. (quantity)

Note: ci and ne can be added to the end of an infinitive verb (ending in -are, -ere or -ire), or an imperative verb (the form used to give commands).

Non ne voglio sapere. → Non voglio saperne.

I don't want to know about it.

Ci pensiamo domani. → Pensiamoci domani!

We'll think about it tomorrow. → Let's think about it tomorrow!

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