Il gerundio and the ING form

We mainly use il gerundio (the "-ing" form equivalent, or a progressive form) to talk about something that's ongoing. For regular, verbs, they are formed as follows:

  • For verbs ending in -are such as amare (to love), camminare (to walk) or parlare (to speak), remove the -are and add -ando (amando, camminando, parlando):

Anna e Toni stanno parlando.

Anna and Toni are talking.

Ruggero sta cantando.

Ruggero is singing.

  • For verbs ending in -ere and -ire, such as correre (to run), tenere (to hold) or uscire (to go out), remove the -ere or -ire and add -endo (correndo, tenendo, uscendo):

Loro stanno correndo.

They are running.

Sto scrivendo un libro.

I am writing a book.

We use il gerundio:

  • With the verb stare “to be” (in any tense) to talk about something which is ongoing:

Sto parlando al telefono.

I'm talking on the phone.

Stavo lavorando da stamattina.

I was working from this morning onward.

  • To talk about two things that happened at the same time:

Sono caduto uscendo dalla vasca.

I fell getting out of the bath.

Linda arrivò correndo all’aeroporto.

Linda arrived at the airport running.

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