Invariable plurals

Nouns that are the same (invariable) in their singular and plural forms include the following:

  • Nouns that end with an accented vowel.

la città → le città; il falò → i falò

the city → the cities; the bonfire → the bonfires

  • Nouns of only one syllable.

il re → i re; la gru → le gru

the king → the kings; the crane → the cranes

  • Nouns which come from foreign languages.

il computer → i computer; lo chalet → gli chalet

the computer → the computers; the chalet → the chalets

  • Abbreviated nouns.

l'auto (l'automobile ) → le auto (le automobili)

the automobile → the automobiles

  • Almost all nouns comprising two verbs or a verb and a feminine noun.

il posacenere → i posacenere; l'apribottiglie → gli apribottiglie

the ashtray → the ashtrays; the bottle-opener → the bottle-openers

  • Certain masculine nouns that end in -a.

il cinema → i cinema; il gorilla → i gorilla

the movie theater → the movie theaters; the gorilla → the gorillas

  • Certain feminine nouns ending in -i or -ie.

la crisi → le crisi; l'analisi → le analisi

the crisis → the crises; the analysis → the analyses

la specie → le specie; la serie → le serie

the species (singular) → the species (plural); the series (singular) → the series (plural)

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