Negative sentences

To make a sentence negative, we put non (not) before the verb: subject + non + verb + complement.

Alessia ha soldi → Alessia non ha soldi.

Alessia has money → Alessia doesn't have any money.

Domani andiamo al mare → Domani non andiamo al mare.

We're going to the seaside tomorrow → We're not going to the seaside tomorrow.

We can put the subject after the verb to emphasize the negation: non + verb + subject.

Non viene Mario stasera!

Mario's not coming this evening!

Non sono stato io!

It wasn't me!

Note: when pronouns (mi, ti, gli/le, etc.) are used, they normally go after the non (not).

Mi piace cucinare → Non mi piace cucinare.

I like cooking → I don't like cooking.

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