Personal pronouns

1st personio sono I amnoi siamo we are
2nd persontu sei you are (singular)voi siete you are (plural)
3rd personlei / ♂lui è (he/she is) ♀♂ loro sono (they are)


  • In general, personal pronouns are not used very often in Italian. They are usually omitted because you can tell what the subject of a sentence is from the conjugation of the verb:

(Io) sono Marta; (Noi) siamo amici.

I am Marta; We are friends.

  • We use voi both formally and informally to address several people at once.

Voi siete i miei migliori amici, Lara e Marcello!

You are my best friends, Lara and Marcello!

Voi siete molto ospitali, signori Rossi!

You are very hospitable, Mr. and Mrs. Rossi!

  • Lei and Voi are both used as the formal, singular “you”. They are both traditionally written with an uppercase letter, even in the middle of a sentence, although this is increasingly rare in modern Italian. Lei is more commonly used than Voi, which is mainly limited to certain regions of Southern Italy or legal contexts.

Lei è molto gentile / Voi siete molto gentile.

You (formal) are very kind.

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