The demonstrative adjective questo

The demonstrative adjective questo (this) always comes before a noun (person, place or thing), with which it has to agree in gender and number.

questo maglionequesti maglioni
questa giaccaqueste giacche

Questo is used to indicate something or someone close to you in time and space.

Questo libro è molto interessante.

This book is very interesting.

Questi bambini sono i tuoi nipoti?

Are these boys your nephews?

Questa sera preparerò un dolce.

This evening, I will make a dessert.

Note: questo is also used as a pronoun when it replaces something that has already been mentioned or something that is about to be said.

Voglio che tu sappia questo: ti amo.

I want you to know this: I love you.

– Cos’è questo? – Un cane.

–What's this? –A dog.

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