The imperative: irregular verbs that have two forms

Remember: The imperative is used to give orders, make requests, and give instructions or advice.

Cammina almeno un'ora al giorno! camminare, imperativo presente

Walk at least an hour a day!

Ascoltate l'allenatore. ascoltare, imperativo presente

Listen to the coach.

In the imperative, the verbs fare (to do, to make), dare (to give), stare (to be, to stay) and andare (to go) are irregular and they also have two forms for the second person singular (tu).


(tu) fai / fa'
(lui/lei) faccia
(noi) facciamo
(voi) fate
(loro) facciano


(tu) dai / da'
(lui/lei) dia
(noi) diamo
(voi) date
(loro) diano


(tu) stai / sta'
(lui/lei) stia
(noi) stiamo
(voi) state
(loro) stiano


(tu) vai /va'
(lui/lei) vada
(noi) andiamo
(voi) andate
(loro) vadano

Note: The form with the apostrophe (da', sta', etc.) is primarily used in informal contexts and in spoken Italian.

Sta' fermo!

Stay still!

Da' una mano a tua sorella!

Give your sister a hand!

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