The imperative of regular -ire verbs 

Reminder: the imperative is used to give orders, make requests, give instructions and give advice.

Venga con noi! venire, imperativo presente

Come with us!

Sentite la canzone. sentire, imperativo presente

Listen to the song.

There are two ways to conjugate -ire verbs. Most -ire verbs are conjugated like finire (to finish), whereas the others are conjugated like partire (to leave, to depart):

(tu) finisci
(lei) finisca
(noi) finiamo
(voi) finite
(loro) finiscano
(tu) parti
(lei) parta
(noi) partiamo
(voi) partite
(loro) partano

The most common -ire verbs that are conjugated like finire (to finish) are pulire (to clean), unire (to unite), capire (to understand), and distribuire (to distribute, to allocate).

Pulisca la stanza signor Rossi. pulire, imperativo presente

Clean the room, Mr. Rossi.

The most common verbs that are conjugated like partire (to leave, to depart) are aprire (to open), dormire (to sleep), sentire (to hear, to feel) and scoprire (to discover, to find out).

Apri la porta per favore. aprire, imperativo presente

Open the door, please.

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