The imperative of regular verbs with pronouns

Reminder: the imperative is used for orders, instructions, advice and direct requests.

Lava i piatti! lavare, imperativo presente

Wash the dishes! 

To conjugate a reflexive verb such as alzarsi (to get up), vestirsi (to get dressed), etc. in the imperative:

  • With tu (singular “you”), noi (we) and voi (plural “you”), we add the corresponding pronoun to the end of the conjugated verb to form a single word.

Alzati prima domani! alzarsi, imperativo presente

Wake up early tomorrow! (literally “Wake yourself up early tomorrow!")

Vestiamoci di rosso! vestirsi, imperativo presente

Let's dress in red! (literally “Let's dress ourselves in red!")

Mettetevi un altro maglione! mettersi, imperativo presente

Put another sweater on! (literally “Put another sweater on yourselves!")

  • With lui (he), lei (she; formal “you”) and loro (they; formal, plural “you”), the corresponding pronoun comes before the conjugated verb.

Si prepari per il viaggio! prepararsi, imperativo presente

Get yourself ready for the journey!

Si lavino le mani! lavarsi, imperativo presente

Wash your hands! (literally “Wash yourselves the hands!”)

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