The past participles of vedere (to see), chiedere (to ask) and rispondere (to respond)

Reminder: to form the past participle of regular verbs, we use the endings -ato, -uto and -ito.

Amare → Amato

To love → Loved

Credere → Creduto

To believe → Believed

Dormire → Dormito

To sleep Slept

Here are some verbs with irregular past participles:

Vedere → Visto

To see → Seen

Chiedere → Chiesto

To ask → Asked

Rispondere → Risposto

To respond → Responded

They are used in the same way as for verbs with regular past participles. 

Hai visto il film?

Have you seen the movie?

Ho chiesto il conto.

I have asked for the check.

Ha risposto a tutte le domande.

He has responded to all of the questions.

Other verbs with similar conjugations include rimanererimasto (to remain → remained) and proporreproposto (to suggest → suggested).

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