Using articles with possessive adjectives

Unless you are referring to a family member, the possessive adjective (my, your, etc.) Aggettivi possessivi always requires an article (il, la, etc.) in front of it:

Il mio vicino

my neighbor

Il suo amico

his friend

I nostri mobili

our furniture

When referring to a family member, sometimes we use the article and sometimes we don't:

  • We use the article before plural nouns.

Le mie sorelle

my sisters

I miei zii

my uncles

  • We don't use the article before singular nouns.

Mio fratello

my brother

Nostro padre

our father

  • We do use the article before the adjective loro (their), even in the singular.

La loro suocera

their mother-in-law

Il loro figlio

their son

  • We always use the article before altered nouns (nouns to which we have added endings such as -ina, -uccio, etc.)

La mia nonnina

my dear grandma (literally, “my little grandma”)

Il mio fratellino

my little brother

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