Uses of da

Da is primarily used for the following purposes: 

  • To indicate origin (from), with verbs like venire (to come), arrivare (to return), tornare (to return):

Anna torna da Napoli.

Anna is returning from Naples.

  • To indicate movement "to someone's place" or location "at someone's place":

Parto per andare da Carlo.

I'm leaving to go to Carlo's (place).

Mangio da Giuseppe.

I'm eating at Giuseppe's (place).

  • To indicate the purpose of an object (for):

Gli occhiali da sole.

Sunglasses ("glasses for sun").

La macchina da scrivere.

Typewriter ("machine for writing").

  • To indicate the duration of something that began in the past and continues today (since, for):

Anna abita a Milano da dieci anni.

Anna has lived in Milan for ten years.

  • To express what needs to be done or how to do it before a verb in its infinitive form (to):

Ho ancora alcune cose da comprare.

I still have some things to buy.

  • After the expression non c’è niente (there is nothing) + da (to) + infinitive:

Non c’è niente da mangiare.

There is nothing to eat.

  • In the structure avere (to have) + da (to) + infinitive, to indicate a duty or something that needs to be done:

Ho da fare molte faccende di casa.

I have lots of household chores to do.

  • After a passive verb, to say who or what is doing the action (by).

La Gioconda è stata dipinta da Leonardo da Vinci.

The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

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