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Gymglish is the first learning solution to take into account the impact of time and forgetfulness on the learning process. Our artificial intelligence engine (A9expert) develops the optimal revision program for each student, helping them reinforce their acquired knowledge over the long term.

Our AI engine detects the learning speed and memorization capacity of each user and develops a schedule for reviewing specific points at timely intervals.

A new way of looking at memorization

Recent theories on memorization draw on biology and experimental psychology studies to demonstrate certain characteristics of the memorization process:

+ There is no point in reviewing points that the student already understands.

+ It is essential to review newly acquired knowledge shortly after learning it. If not, it may be forgotten.

+ By revising new knowledge at a specific point in time, the knowledge will be anchored in the memory for the long term.

The user reviews at timely intervals any knowledge likely to be forgotten. They then memorize the new information for good and their English keeps improving over time. A9expert takes into account the results of recent theories on human memory. The main conclusion to be drawn from these studies can be summarized as follows:

The key to learning successfully lies in the frequency at which we review and 'maintain' the acquired knowledge. Going over the new information at timely intervals helps stimulate the memory and allows the student to memorize the information for good. With this innovative approach, users can learn 10 to 50 times more information in the same amount of time than when using traditional methods.