Here is Shahrukh S's success story.

When I signed up for Frantastique, I already knew a little bit of French. Living in a non French-speaking country, I have plenty of opportunities to practice reading in French, on the internet and elsewhere, but hardly any occasion of interacting with people in French. As a result, my speaking, writing and comprehension skills lag behind my reading skills. I was therefore interested in a French course which offers plenty of interactive audio-visual material. I decided to try out Frantastique for six months because it was sponsored by a leading French language newspaper. I find the course has been designed primarily for people who are already exposed to French in their everyday life. It is also useful as a supplementary aid for people attending French classes but I guess it has not been designed to substitute for the French classes on a standalone basis. In short I would have no hesitation in recommending Frantastique for people who have recently arrived in a French speaking country and who want to quickly acquire a working knowledge of the language. For this group, it offers an entertaining and jovial means of learning French. The course material itself was rather too liberal for my taste but I guess this is just a matter of personal preference. It does not impact the teaching efficacy of the course.

— Shahrukh S. (Karachi, PAKISTAN)