Frantastique Reviews: Paulina M. (Mexico, MEXICO)

Paulina M. Story

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When I was 8 years old, I traveled to France, but I only knew how to speak English and Spanish, so my aunt had to help me out. When I returned to my home country, I was so in love with the French language that I started taking classes on my own - but I learned only a few words. When I was 12, my school started teaching French and I continued with my extracurricular French classes too. Now, about 3 years later I'm about to take my first certification French test A1, and I'm also about to travel to France again, so I was quite nervous. I found out about Frantastique in a magazine, and started practicing. Now I'm feeling more secure about my French. J'adore la France, et le chocolat aussi !!! C'est un(e) langue très romantique !!!

— Paulina M. (Mexico, MEXICO)