Here is Jun M's success story.

I discovered Frantastique through an advertisement on the website of Le Monde, and then, I started a fantastic French journey! In the beginning, I just wanted to try a new method to learn French.I spent half a day completing the 7-day trial courses without stopping, I found the course well-suited to my needs, and with Victor Hugo, it is not boring to learn at all. The content is very close to real life, and the type of French inside is very useful, so I signed for 3 years of courses without any hesitation.Now I have completed 175 courses! Monday through Friday, I turn on the computer to follow my French course. Just like every day, you're supposed to eat a nutritious breakfast, I feel the same way about Frantastique! As the course continues, I find Frantastique's service better and better, with the evolution of the course to my needs. I have also found a deep understanding of French culture is very important, and this course provides a lot of practice in this area. At the start, it was hard understanding French culture and the French attitude towards life, however step by step, my happy process of learning French is underway! Thanks for the new experience of learning French with Frantastique. Good job!

— Jun M. (Shanghai, CHINA)