Here is Dr. Stefanie M's success story.

Dear Frantastique team, I am 40 years old, originally an art historian with a doctorate, but now a housewife and mother of a severely disabled child following cancer. I also care for my mother, who is also seriously ill with cancer. The French course is a chance for me to let my intellectual horizons to expand. This is sometimes not possible, e.g. if child or mother is feeling worse. My window for completing my lessons is very small. The course overwhelmed me a bit, because I would rather set at a lower level and aspire to a conversational level. I would love to start something "deeper". Then it would be easier for me to apply the course in everyday life. The stories I find funny and varied. Unfortunately I lack time, just like my mother. Otherwise thank you for the great offer!

— Dr. Stefanie M. (Düsseldorf, GERMANY)