Frantastique Reviews: Eva Kristiina M. (Kirkkonummi, FINLAND)

Eva Kristiina M. Story

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I have lived abroad since 1986, first in Madrid for 25 years and then in Luxembourg. Moving to Luxembourg meant learning a new language: French. I was already fluent in English, German and Spanish (and of course my native tongues, Finnish and Swedish). but French seemed to be essential in Luxembourg, so I chose Frantastique (with explanations in German) in order to brush it up too. Now, as I am pensioned I have settled down with my little dog in my native country, Finland, in a small village, 50 km from the capital, Helsinki. It would be rather difficult to continue studying French locally on my level. Moreover, last winter there was a lot of snow and ice and temperatures down to - 38 Celsius. Imagine going out on a pitch dark late afternoon for a French lesson, first digging out the car from the snow and then daring to drive on icy roads. It was a pleasure to do Frantastique homework in my own warm living room. Instead of doing crosswords and puzzles I prefer to continue my French studies. Thank you Frantastique for giving me this opportunity!

— Eva Kristiina M. (Kirkkonummi, FINLAND)