Here is Christine S's success story.

Hello Frantastique! For children from German-speaking Switzerland, French lessons are compulsory, as French is spoken in a part of Switzerland. My school days are, however, a long time behind me! I am now 64 years old. I often traveled with the family and later with my friend to France during the holidays. After hanging up my professional life in 2016, I looked for a garden with a small house in Avignon, France. I now live here and do not regret it, for the French are very polite and helpful. In addition, I can devote myself here to my passion, gardening. With Frantastique I started in the winter to refresh my basic French skills. I find the style of this language course very charming and fun. Since the weather is so beautiful, I do not want to learn more French. I have saved my lessons and will continue in the cold season. It's super that this is possible! Kind regards, Christine Sträuli

— Christine S. (Avignon, FRANCE)