Here is A. R's success story.

My husband is French but is a fluent English speaker. I took French through my first year of college but I hadn’t spoken the language for over 15 years. My husband has two boys who live in France and at the time, didn’t speak English. Plus, after a few months of dating we were already talking about having kids together and speaking French with them too. So that became my motivation to try to become fluent. I started at the A2 level at our local Alliance Française and when I started B1, supplemented my lessons with Frantastique. The AI quickly identified that I was relatively far behind on grammar and so it has been a great way to catch me up while maintaining my comprehension and improving my vocabulary. I especially like the humor and that I have a chance to learn some colloquial French and slang—they don’t teach that in traditional French classes! In a year I progressed to B2 and I’m still using Frantastique to become more and more fluent. My husband and I have a 2 year old son who we are raising to speak French. It’s been a lovely experience for me and I’m enjoying watching his French develop, learning about French parenting, not to mention reading so many children’s books and learning some songs. When I see my husband’s French friends in the US or family in France, everyone is amazed at how much my French has improved!

— A. R. (Boston, MA, UNITED STATES)