Here is ADOLFO P's success story.

Dear Gymglish partners. I´m going to tell you about my experiences with this fantastic system to learn and practice a foreign language. At the very beginning I was a little disappointed with the way of some characters in the dialogues talk, but through time I figured out that is a reality when you don´t speak English frequently and you go for example to the US visiting some relatives, and talk to different people, many of them think that you speak fluently and use idiomatic expressions and cut or join words that are difficult to understand. This system is very good because it shows you very different ways of speaking English. I am accustomed to talking with some US citizens and when they hear your accent, they try to talk with good pronunciation. But some people don´t change their pronunciation and so one of the advantages that I see in your system is that you introduce in the dialogues people who have French, British, Brazilian, even Texan (Mr. Warbuckle) accents and who talk English with their accent. This allows you to listen and get accustomed to other accents and train your ear and understanding. I am fascinated with and enjoy my Gymglish classes and it is an habit every morning to start my workday with them. I congratulate you and I appreciate that you try to be up-to-date with innovations like the Word of the Month and other features that you introduce in our daily classes. K E E P G O I N G