Here is Magali A's success story.

Hello Gymglish Team! You are my favorite and only drug! Four years ago, I met you and fell in love immediately! Why? Perhaps because I needed to improve my English, of course, and when I saw that it was possible to learn and laugh at the same time, I said " Hourra! ( like Jean) this is for me! ". In my poor condition of housewife with three daughters and a terrible husband, it is great to join you for a few minutes every day. Oh, it's a joke, I have a very kind family and I love them! By the way, we are used to travelling every summer for one month in different foreign countries( we've been already in USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand...) and I could test my English which it's now a little better! I only regret that I couldn't speak in the lessons and improve my accent! You know the French accent and how horrible it is! Anyway, I would like to thank you all for helping me in my learning. The Delavigne Corp is now for me like a familiar place and I know every actor. My favorites are Bruno, Brian and Horatio who is really amazing! Congratulations to the actors!!! Ah, a last thing, I would suggest a gym of Spanish, it would be great and I suppose that you have thought about that already. So, bye and see you soon! And "keep up the good work!"

— Magali A. (Casablanca, MOROCCO)