Here is Isabelle C's success story.

Hello folks! Being retired I do my homework every day, at a time that suits me, and because I love learning I study vocabulary and grammar (following the letters of the alphabet, one letter per day). So I study English seven days a week. I would like to chat with other people to improve my oral expression which is quite bad. I write down all the podcasts in a notebook and I have my own alphabetical directory too. My Gymglish lesson is one of the highlights of my day. In the story, I find some characters friendly, others unfriendly. The podcasts that I like the less are those about Radio Rhubarb (I'm not interested in traffic nor the weather). I like your values and your sense of humor. I laugh especially when I heard the Scottish accent. So funny! I hope you like my haircut... Have a good day.

— Isabelle C. (TOULOUSE, FRANCE)