Here is Annie D's success story.

When I started Gymglish, I just wanted to have better comprehension and expression, so it would be easier for me to understand British and American TV shows in their original version, even if I still need English subtitles. And thanks to Gymglish's audio sketches – which are really good and funny – it worked. It is easier and easier for me to understand what I can see on the telly. My grammar level has considerably improved too. And if I liked to watch stories and read stories, I thought more and more about writing a story myself. This is a work in progress today. The story is written, but I needed someone to help me to correct my mistakes. It is one thing to be good at some grammar exercises; it is another thing to write good text. So I created my training blog which can be seen here: The story is in 3 parts. Today, chapters 1 to 7 have been reviewed and the others will be, I hope, between end of July and mid August this year. I started this blog 3 months after my first subscription to Gymglish. It was a real adventure, and it still is. Because the English version is not finished yet, and it is like a second life has been given to this story. I hope one day, when the work will be completed, native speakers will come and read it. That would be fantastic!

— Annie D. (Sainte-Clotilde, REUNION)