Gymglish Reviews: Elisabeth W. (Port au prince, HAITI)

Elisabeth W. Story

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I am so happy you have given me the opportunity to talk about myself. First of all, let me ask you to be quite indulgent with my mistakes in this foreign language. I am a lawyer and frankly speaking I already have some knowledge in English but I lack practice. So when one night I was surfing the internet I found Gymglish, I was very happy. I took the test for seven days and then I started the regular courses immediately. However in recent days I skipped many lessons because I was very busy. Now I am trying to work very hard to accommodates the lessons.. Let me tell you a brief story about my experience in English. Last May, I travelled to visit a friend who lives in Saint Malo in France. I left my country Haiti going to New York where I made a transit. At JFK airport the immigration agent asked for someone who spoke English because a French passenger could't understand his questions. Very proudly I went forward to help that passenger. I was shaking a little bit but it took all my energy to try to understand. The experience was fabulous and to the bottom of my heart I thanked Gymglish. Usually I do my Gymglish lessons late at night because during the day it's quite impossible. I feel more comfortable while I read an English language book, or when I watch the news on CNN. BBC etc. I have many friends who speak English and I am not shy to chat to them. Gymglish has made an impact in my life and I will do my best to stick with it.

— Elisabeth W. (Port au prince, HAITI)