Here is Jacques A's success story.

To learn and to succeed, Gymglish is a MUST. Gymglish and I have been faithful friends since our first meeting on the Net several years ago. Since then I've completed more than 1600 lessons and exercises. Five days week, I put into practice my knowledge of a tongue that is in fact difficult if you don't have a good memory. The way Gymglish teaches is absolutely efficient in obtaining pretty good results ranging from 65 to 100%. Years ago, when I was an airman in the RAF, during WWII, in a bomber with six friends from the Commonwealth, I just had to tell the pilot: "Target in view, keep straight on the line, left, right, right, good, good, good, steady, steady, bombs gone". At that heart-thumping time, Gymglish was not available to students in search of total efficiency, and the pleasure that comes with it.