Here is Florence C's success story.

I was rather good in english when I was at school, but when I started working, I didn't need to speak English anymore. I just tried to keep watching films in English, but I have to admit that it wasn't really useful, especially with American films. This year, I decided to try to come back to English, and I found while reading a newspaper last summer, so I decided to sign up. I've been learning with Gymglish for 6 months, and although I know I stilll have hard work to do, I feel that I understand better and better. For exemple, I went skiing last week. The teacher was speaking in English nearly all the time, and the other pupils didn't speak French at all, so I had to speak English during the whole week, and it wasn't so hard. So I'm ready to work harder and harder to improve my knowledge of this language!

— Florence C. (versailles, FRANCE)