Here is Ioana *'s success story.

Hello Gymghish fans around the world! I was supposed to have a very good level in English after 17 years of English courses (at school, at University and some short training as an employee). But… I’d been living in France for 16 years and obviously I have to speak French (with my exotic, non native French accent). Unfortunately, I forgot a little of Shakespeare’s language. In fact I forgot a lot! I’m not the best e-learning friend and I prefer the “face to face” training, but Gymglish is a fun way to review my vocabulary, grammar and discover the Delavigne business environment. I take 10 or 15 minutes everyday and I spend a lovely moment with Bruno, Miss Bliss, Horatio, etc. ometimes before lunch, sometimes in the afternoon. Sometimes I'm still wearing my pajamas as I sip my Earl Gray cup of tea. And just between you and me: I adore Bruno Delavigne’s voice. Shh, not a word to my husband!!

— Ioana *. (METZ, FRANCE)