Delphine P. Story

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For me, Gymglish is firstly a lovely story of friendship. Meeting all the characters from the Delavigne staff is a joy each day. The time I spend doing my daily lesson gives me some freedom: it's funny to say that!!!! It doesn't seem to be work, more a game. I enjoy the time I'm in front of my computer and doing the lesson, and sometimes I have a good laugh with your story. Where do find you all that? Anyway, congratulations for all your passion and happiness. When I discovered Gymglish, I was looking for some daily "things" to practice my English and haven't forgotten it. I've been with you for nearly 6 years i think. I discovered a lot of vocabulary and made some progress with grammar (I hope). Do you think it would be possible to have something daily but also orally one day? Think about it...

— Delphine P. (Maison-Alfort, FRANCE)