Here is Marie-Louise P's success story.

When I discovered Gymglish's really pleasant lessons, it was exactly when I needed them! Usually courses are very academic, but here there was content, society, characters and stories! Do not tell him, but I have a weakness for the freshness of Horatio Oleré, and for his accent (easy to understand!) and its relationship, especially with the computer mouse! Jean Marron also reflects the flawless capacity the French have for the English accent ! ☺ As for all the others, we must recognize the talented actors who they are all, lending their voices to each of these colourful characters. I also appreciate the quality of humour, sometimes restrained, and the answers from the “Gymglish support” team. For me, each lesson is a like a motor for overtake my possibilities for learning this English language that I like particularly! I regret not being able to express myself orally in English as well as I would like, but I take a lot of pleasure in practicing, because I have to strengthen my skills grammatically. Would you let me know if the stories of our lessons are "created" by a very creative group English teachers, or by a particularly talented lonely lonely ? Thank you all for the constructive recreation time! Long life to Gymglish!

— Marie-Louise P. (Paris, FRANCE)