Here is Laure P's success story.

Since I was young, I loved studying English. It has been my first foreign language and I fell in love with sounds and pronunciation of English words, so that I've always had excellent scores during my school time till high school. Later on, I found jobs allowing me to contact English customers I could write English letters and answer on the phone for many years. Now, I'm a housewife. I'm French but I got married to an Italian man and I live in Italy (in the north by Switzerland). I decided to join you to maintain a good English level because: - I'm proud to be able to help someone or some English tourists who need information; - I have to help my son, Alessandro, he is 16 years old and needs me to explain English grammar or check his homework. Your course is wonderful, it's an intelligent way to pass the time. But I think 2 years are too long! Congratulations at all the team.

— Laure P. (Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo), ITALY)