Here is Sophia S's success story.

There's only one thing that I can say: I love English. I started learning English when I was a child, at school. In 2003, when I started working, I stopped: I didn't need it. In 2008, for my new job, I needed to have a professional level in this language and I started training paid for by the company. At the same time, a colleague spoke to me about Gymglish: "You'll see, it's wonderful! A lesson per day, personal corrections and advice, and you'll learn about all the fields (grammar, written and oral understanding) and so on". So, I tried it and I adopted it. Gymglish lessons added to oral training. I became a superwoman in English! Lots of laughs. I've been working for my current company for 3 years and it is another one where English is not necessary, so I stopped my lessons. But as I said, I love English, and it missed me. In March of this year I said to myself "Eureka!" Why don't I sign up for Gymglish again? And then I went to the website and my smile widened. I was very happy to see Mr Delavigne, I had missed him so much! I've bought some English books to improve my English grammar and I subscribed to Vocable (English magazine). I'm very happy to have my daily English lessons and I won't stop it so early this time. I'll continue. Maybe I'll aim for a new professional experience. I don't know. I have a lot of things yet to learn, and progress to make. Now I have a dream: I would like to become an instructor in my field... and maybe give training in English. Why not? I've worked hard for it. My story is not very original but it's mine and I would like to thank the Gymglish team for their availability and their professionalism. Don't change anything. You are the best!

— Sophia S. (Créteil (near Paris) in France, FRANCE)