Here is Catherine G's success story.

Are you sure you want to now ? Because, well... that's all about a fairy tale. Once upon the time, in fact 40 years ago, I was travelling hitch-hiking up to Scotland. There, in Glasgow city, I met an American guy and we hit the road together for quite a long time, back to Paris. Of course, as it happens, he had to leave and I didn't hear from him any more... Until, until that special day he found me, two years ago, on Facebook - yes, it helps! - A few months later, we had an appointment set up in New York. Before flying to the US, as my English was a bit rusty, I looked for a funny way to improve it. And here you were! I wouldn't say that I am fluent yet - there is still a lot of work to do - but I do thank you for all what you have already done: Not only does my American boyfriend love my French accent, but he is also able to understand all what I am saying!

— Catherine G. (Malakoff, FRANCE)