Here is Frédéric V's success story.

Hi! I'm Frederic. I'm learning English from Mexico, but I'm a French guy. I had been looking for English courses for years until I heard about Gymglish. I was looking for some face to face classes, but they were all very expensive. So, I started looking for some online alternative, however, the offers weren't very convincing. I'm a French teacher in an Alliance Française, and Gymglish has develeoped a partnership with the Alliance foundation, and so they promoted the Frantastique website. That's how I learned about Gymglish. They told us that we could have access to a trial period, that's why I decided to try Gymglish. The customer service is really great, and at some point of the trial period, the team got in touch with me and gave me some extra trial time in order to give me a better idea of the program. The fact is the system is really original and funny. And I'm learning a lot. At the end of the ten first lessons, I got a 4.1 level, not so bad, I thought. Still, each day I realize that I have so much more to learn and practise. I'm getting better at understanding, but I still do have a big lack of speaking fluency, and unfortunately, there is no way to practise the speaking aptitude on here, but listening the audios, I feel that my pronunciation's getting better. Finally, I chose to buy the one year offer. For about one month, I totally forgot about the classes then I remembered and told to myself that I couldn't give up, and here I am. Today, my level has gone up to 4.3, that's a slow progression, but in my case, I consider it normal. So, let's keep learning and enjoying ;)

— Frédéric V. (San Luís Potosí, MEXICO)