Here is Jocelyne P's success story.

First time I met English was in 1962, in London, I was an "au pair girl". Back to France, time passed, crossing English from time to time. So, I started the Gymglish story when I became retired. I wanted to improve my English to travel over the world. I wasn't using English any more and I wanted to keep training. I discovered Gymglish in "Notre Temps" I took the opportunity of a free test and it's been running for 3/4 years. I really enjoy Gymglish and even when I am tired, if I am at home, I open my computer to do my lesson. It's a pleasure and a leisure. I appreciated immediately the story, the humour of the characters, and I became addicted. Now I am not shy to speak English with foreign people, and the best compliment I had "Oh, the French don't speak English usually, your English is very good" I was very proud of myself, and of course I am not going to stop. If your are interested, I can tell you more in an other file.