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Here is Jean François G's success story.

I am 68 years old, hence an old man... But my wife still continues to feed me and still continues to love me, well it pleases me to believe it....When I was young, at school, learning English was a nightmare. A little bit because of me, but, I think so, a lot because of the teachers and their poor methods. I did well anyway and I have practiced the profession of physiotherapist. All my life, my poor knowledge of the English language has always been a frustration for me. My true vocation was to be an airplane pilot. I was however able to realize this dream and I am a modest private pilot. This is a hobby that requires passing qualifications especially for speaking English. So I have chosen your method to upgrade and later to begin a specific learning of aeronautical English. While I was a young high school student, English lessons bored me, it is a real pleasure to find you on my laptop. So please receive my warm thanks for this!