Here is Antoine C's success story.

The Gymglish experience changed my life, and now it looks like this: I wake up in the morning and grab a Gymglish tee shirt from my closet. Actually Gymglish Tee Shirts colonized my closet long ago, exterminating all other tee Shirts. Then I pour my english tea into a Gymglish mug while having a good laugh reading the Gymglish "Word of the month" column in Le Monde's online newspaper. I leave the house to do some shopping with my Gymglish bag to carry the groceries. On my way, hundreds of people stare at my gorgeous Gymglish tee shirt, dreaming of having the same! Some of the most courageous even ask me for a lighter to ignite their cigarettes, and it's the opportunity to use my beautifull Gymglish lighter. I arrive at work and what do I see? People doing their Gymglish lessons! The day is close to its end, I'm back home and spend 10mn doing my Gymglish lesson and enjoying the funny stories as if it were my favourite soap opera. It's now time to go to bed, and my girlfriend looks so sexy in her Gymglish underwear... grrrrr I told you Gymglish changed my life!

— Antoine C. (Paris, FRANCE)