Asking a question using welcher

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Asking a question using welcher

Welcher (which) appears at the beginning of the question and takes an ending which agrees with the noun:

Nominativ Akkusativ Dativ
maskulin welcher Mann welchen Mann welchem Mann
feminin welche Frau welche Frau welcher Frau
neutrum welches Kind welches Kind welchem Kind
Plural welche Menschen welche Menschen welchen Menschen

Welcher (which) can be used before another word or as a substitute for another word. As a substitute it refers to a noun that has already been mentioned.

Welche Personen arbeiten hier? Welche arbeiten hier?

Which people work here? Which of them work here?

Welches Hotel ist in der Nähe? Es gibt zwei Hotels. Welches ist besser?

Which hotel is nearby? There are two hotels. Which is better?

Welcher Gast hat angerufen? Weißt du, welcher angerufen hat?

Which guest rang? Do you know which one rang?

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