Derselbe, dieselbe and dasselbe

Derselbe, dieselbe and dasselbe all mean “the same” and are used to describe two things that are identical.

-Wir fliegen nach Rom. -Dann haben wir dasselbe Reiseziel.

-We're flying to Rome. -In that case we're traveling to the same destination.

Mein Bruder und ich haben denselben Vater.

My brother and I have the same father.

The first part corresponds to the article used with the noun: der, die, das, etc. We then add the correct ending as we would to an adjective:

maskulinderselbe denselben demselben desselben
feminindieselbe dieselbe derselben derselben
neutrumdasselbe dasselbe demselben desselben
Pluraldieselben dieselben denselben derselben

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