The definite article in the dative case

Reminder: we use the definite article (equivalent to “the” in English) to refer to something specific: a person or thing whose identity is already known.

Sigi hilft dem Gast.

Sigi is helping the guest.

Here are the endings for the definite article in the dative: Dativ

maskulinDEMsie helfen dem Mann
femininDERsie helfen der Frau
neutrumDEMsie helfen dem Kind
PluralDENsie helfen den Männern, den Frauen, den Kindern

Rüdiger gibt dem Mann die Hand.

Rüdiger offers the man a handshake.

Caroline spricht mit der Kundin.

Caroline is talking with the customer.

Ich helfe dem Kind.

I help the child.

Note: masculine plural and neuter plural nouns take an extra ‑n in the dative (feminine plural nouns generally end in ‑n already):

Ich gebe den Kindern Schokolade.

I give the children chocolate (neuter plural).

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