The definite article

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The definite article

The definite article (equivalent to "the" in English) is used if a person or object is already known.

maskulinDERder Mann
femininDIEdie Frau
neutrumDAS das Haus
PluralDIEdie Männer, die Frauen, die Häuser

Note: The article conveys the gender. However, grammatical gender is not necessarily the same as human gender:

das Mädchen (Genus = neutrum, trotz Geschlecht = feminin)

the girl (grammatical gender = neuter, although human gender = feminine)

das Baby, das Kind (kann ein Junge oder ein Mädchen sein)

the baby, the child (grammatical gender = neuter, but can be a boy or a girl)

die Person (kann ein Mann oder eine Frau sein)

the person (grammatical gender = feminine, but can be a man or a woman)

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