The plural endings ‑e, ‑en and ‑innen

Here are a few common plural endings in German, and the kind of nouns they are generally used with:


  • most masculine and neuter nouns;

das Brot - die Brote

the bread ‑ the breads

der Stuhl - die Stühle

the chair ‑ the chairs

  • feminine nouns with one syllable.

die Hand - die Hände

the hand ‑ the hands


  • feminine nouns ending in ‑in.

die Freundin - die Freundinnen

the girlfriend ‑ the girlfriends


  • most feminine nouns;

die Übung - die Übungen

the exercise ‑ the exercises

die Tante - die Tanten

the aunt ‑ the aunts

die Zwiebel - die Zwiebeln

the onion - the onions

  • foreign words (ending in ‑ma, ‑um, ‑us);

das Thema - die Themen

the topic ‑ the topics

  • masculine nouns ending in ‑e or ‑ent.

der Löwe - die Löwen

the lion - the lions

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