The position of adverbs in a sentence

Adverbs can be placed:

  • after the verb: subject + conjugated verb + adverb

Rüdiger erzählt endlich seine Geschichte.

Rüdiger finally tells his story.

Sigi hat vielleicht vergessen anzurufen.

Perhaps Sigi forgot to call.

  • at the start of the sentence: adverb + conjugated verb + subject

Zum Glück haben sie Zeit.

Luckily, they have time.

Vermutlich ist Tim nach München gefahren.

Tim has probably gone to Munich.


  • We never place the adverb between the subject and the verb.

Natürlich bleiben wir.

Of course we are staying.

Wir bleiben gerne.

We would gladly stay.

  • The position of the adverb can vary when it comes after the verb.

Caroline kocht vielleicht.

Maybe Caroline is cooking.

Caroline kocht heute wahrscheinlich Fleisch.

Caroline is probably cooking meat today.

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