The superlative

We form the superlative as follows:

  • Using am + the ending -sten:

Das Bild ist am schönsten.

The picture is the most beautiful.

  • Before a noun: with der/die/das (the) + the ending ‑ste:

Das ist das schönste Bild.

This is the most beautiful picture.

  • These are the most important irregular forms to learn:

gern → lieber → am liebsten

willingly → more willingly → most willingly (note: these words are mostly used to refer to what we like doing)

gut → besser → am besten

good → better → best

hoch → höher → am höchsten

high → higher → highest

viel → mehr → am meisten

a lot → more → most


  • The superlative takes the same endings as a normal adjective. Adjektivdeklination 1

Wir sind auf dem höchsten Berg Deutschlands. (der Berg)

We are on the highest mountain in Germany.

  • As in the comparative, a, o and u often take an umlaut:

jung → (jünger) → (am) jüngsten

young → (younger) → youngest 

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