Using the past participle as an adjective

Recap: the past participle is used to form compound tenses such as the perfect and past perfect, as well as passive sentences.

Ich habe mein Ticket verloren.

I have lost my ticket.

Die Mannschaft hatte schon gewonnen.

The team had already won.

Die Waschmaschine ist endlich repariert worden.

The washing machine has finally been repaired.

However, the past participle can also be used like an adjective before a noun. In this case, we need to add the correct ending. 

Der verlorene Koffer wurde gefunden. Adjektivdeklination 1

The lost suitcase was found.

Ein gebrauchtes Auto ist günstiger. Adjektivdeklination 2

A used car is cheaper.

Gekühltes Bier schmeckt mir am besten. Adjektivdeklination 3

I like chilled beer best of all.

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