Was as a relative pronoun

We can use was (which, that, what) to refer back to a previously mentioned noun or phrase in more detail.

Alles, was wir wissen.

Everything that we know.

We use it after:

  • words like nichts (nothing), alles (all), vieles (lots), etwas (something) and das (this/that);

Etwas, was neu ist.

Something which is new.

Wir hören das, was du erzählst.

We hear what you're saying.

  • nouns in the superlative;

Das Beste, was es gibt. (das Beste = Superlativ von gut)

The best that there is das Beste is the superlative of gut (good).

Das Tollste, was wir machen. (das Tollste = Superlativ von toll)

The greatest thing that we do – das Tollste is the superlative of toll (great)

  • a whole phrase.

Tim kommt nach Berlin, was keine gute Idee ist.

Tim is coming to Berlin, which is not a good idea.

Caroline kann nicht kochen, was Sigi nicht stört.

Caroline can't cook, which doesn't bother Sigi.

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