When are separable verbs not separated?

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When are separable verbs not separated?

Reminder: separable verbs have two parts, a prefix and a verb stem, which are separated in a standard sentence. For example:

mitnehmen  Ich nehme viel Gepäck mit.

to take with I take a lot of luggage with me.

In a sentence (or part of a sentence) with dass (that), weil (because), da (since), bevor (before), wenn (when), etc. separable verbs are not separated. Instead, they are conjugated together and placed at the end of that part of the sentence:

(ich kaufe ein) Ich bin nicht zu Hause, da ich gerade einkaufe.

(I'm shopping) I'm not at home because I’m currently shopping.

(Tim kommt mit) Anna ist traurig, weil Tim nicht nach Berlin mitkommt.

(Tim is coming with) Anna is sad because Tim is not coming to Berlin with her.

(ich stehe auf) Wenn ich zu früh aufstehe, bin ich den ganzen Tag müde.

(I get up)   When I get up early I am tired for the whole day.

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