Meet our pedagogical team!

Andrew Arnon (Content Manager)

I have always had a passion for designing English courses via e-mail, even before I invented the Internet at the age of 6. As a young child in America, I roamed the streets of San Francisco collecting the seeds for the stories which would later become elements of the Delavigne Corporation saga. After a touching experience with an ostrich, in which I touched an ostrich, I realized that at some point ostriches would become part of my world. This episode would become an inspiration for my work on the Rich Morning Show, cartoon English lessons sent via e-mail. I am unmarried and have no children that I know of. I own a yellow bicycle and enjoy playing basketball.

Teaching English via e-mail is a lot like caressing a cactus: You think it's a great idea at first, but it always ends in minor hand injuries.

Francis Lee (English teacher, creative writer )

Growing up in a very green part of London, Francis spent his childhood talking to foxes and giving nuts to squirrels. This served him well when, in his later years, he decided to converse with students of English and feed them with idioms. Idioms are like nuts in many ways, they both only make sense to those who know how to crack them, and you can easily choke on them. When he's not creating English lessons, you can often find him on a football field, in a cinema, or teaching baby pigeons how to fly. He is a size Medium to Large and likes good quality kitchen knives.

Steady, watch me navigate , haha haha ha.

Jim Sheppard (English teacher, creative writer )

Jim likes teaching: ask him to name 3 prepositions, he'll give you 4; ask him for a complicated idiom, he'll give you one off the top of his head; ask him for some useful e-mail language and he'll get back to you ASAP; ask him to explain the present perfect, he will bite your ear off. That's probably the eighth time he's been asked that this week. Jim is half Welsh, half English, one third reserved, one quarter musician, but all teacher.

I could have been a nuclear physicist.

Actors who appear in your lessons

Our creative and teaching team is joined by a group of actors with a wide range of accents in order to record the dialogues in your Gymglish lessons. These include professional actors from the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, South America, Asia, Europe, etc.). The English in your Gymglish lessons is truly global!