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Using 'would'

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Using 'Would'

The auxiliary verb would, used as a conditional, expresses a notion of willingness, acceptance or preference.
I would buy a car if I could. If I were able to buy a car, I would buy one!
I would make an omelette if I had some eggs.
(had forms the past subjunctive)
What would you do in my position? If you were me, how would you act?
I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we started dinner without them.
(started is in the past subjunctive here)

Would is used when we want to be polite:
I would like some change please. ("would like" is a polite way to say "want")
Would you like something to drink? Do you want something to drink?

It also allows us to express the future in a past sentence (would is the past of will):
Bruno says he will come to the meeting. (he says it in the present)
Bruno said he would come to the meeting. (he said it in the past)

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